(both harvesting and post-harvesting systems)

High quality and durable systems built by BTM Netherlands. We have represented their product line since 1999 and have sold many of these reliable systems throughout the US and Canada. The following is only a short summary of the wide variety of systems that we have available.

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The BTM-T2200 is the latest development, equipped with all the basic handlings for processing almost any kind of cut flower (chrysanthemums, Alstroemerias, roses, summer flowers etc.) This is the ultra low-cost solution, suitable for many operations. System is complete with main-belt and holders, sponge belt at cutting area and a strong cutting motor with 300mm (12” ) blade. (Leaf stripper optional.) Collecting belt with easy “grab” bunch concept. System as shown here has the waste conveying option build in.

The BTM-T4100 can be called the "tough guy" of the flower processing machines. The heavy-duty under frame makes the T4100 very stable. We have sold systems with a length over 21 meters (70ft+). While developing the T4100, a lot of attention was given to ergonomics and durability. It is quiet and free of vibrations, has smooth edges, and has options like color lines and mirrors for easy positioning. String binders are placed in frames and are easy to adjust. Main and roof belts are separate for a smooth and 100% safe transfer of flowers from the main system to the collecting belt. Sponge wheels (option) can hold the smallest bunches of flowers perfectly in place during the cutting, stripping or binding process.

The BTM-T124 is the ideal, faster and better method to process chrysanthemum flowers. This completely renewed 124 combines high productivity with flexibility for all flowers to be processed. The BTM T124 consists of a supply belt and a movable bunching machine. With the compact design and foldaway collecting belt, the machine can easily be placed in front of the flowerbed. The height of the machine is adjustable. A production capacity of up to 3,000 bunches per hour is possible, (depending on the length of the stems). New is the electrical drive unit to make positioning of the unit easier. All machines are prepared to add the optional hoist, which is required for modern tall greenhouses. The BTM T124 is equipped with a new advanced adjustable rake system. Now it is easier to process small, big, large, and short bunches. Flowers like chrysanthemums, sanities, alstromeria, lilies and irises can be processed without any problem.