HAYOMA Holding Corp, together with Bozco Resources of California, has developed a fast, robust and reliable bucket de-stacking/filling system. The result is our HBF-600, which is build in the Californian production division of BOZCO Resources.

The first unit came on the market in 2009. Only minor upgrades were required to turn the unit into a multi-bucket handling system. It is also possible to change to different buckets and shapes in less than a minute. (see video below)

The HBF-600 has a de-stacking/filling capacity for 600+ buckets per hour. The HBF-600 features a Festo cylinder with integrated linear slide to push the stack of buckets forward into the separators. The “ring” pusher keeps the bucket stack level up to the very last bucket. Changing to the next stack after the last bucket is “pulled” takes only 6 to 8 seconds. The HBF-600 uses positive positioning of the stacks into the “waiting” grippers. The grippers are made from solid aluminum and operate by standard Festo cylinders. This system is strong and yet it is simple !!

After placing the bucket down on the buffer belt, two push-off pistons guarantee that buckets never hang up on the grippers when they are returning back.

To accommodate different bucket shapes and diameters the following components are adjustable:

  • The “ring” slides out of the holder just by turning the lock a 1/4 turn (3 rings per unit are standard).
  • Bottom and top separators are easily adjustable with push-pull pins in pre-drilled holes.
  • The supporting bars for the stack are adjustable in height to the center of all bucket diameters to grippers.
  • The grippers can slide in/out and are held in place by easy operating cam locks.

All design done in full 3D, from the screen to the actual floor without mistakes - this process cuts down production costs.